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From a Family

From a Father

AAA Auto Club South
Attn: Mr. Ed Schatzman
P.O. Box 13368
St Petersburg, FL 33733
Dear Mr. Schatzman,

My name is Dale Clark and I would like to tell you a great story about one of your authorized service centers in Nashville, TN.

We live in Washington State and our oldest daughter attends University of North Carolina Charlotte. She was traveling to school last week and her car broke down in Joelton, TN just outside Nashville. She was towed to Carter's Service Center for repairs. The repair was done for $175 of which they couldn't take my credit card over the phone, so she had to use her traveling cash to pay, leaving her very short.

She left and a few miles down the road the problem reoccurred. She was towed back to Carter's and they started over. After many parts changed and many phone calls, the owner, Mr. Jimmy Carter got on the phone with me. He began to tell what was going on and what they were trying at that time and how he wasn't going to let my daughter back on the road without being completely satisified that it was fixed. He went on to say if he couldn't fix it he would tow the car to a Jeep dealer in Springfield, a few miles away at no cost, arrange a motel for my daughter, and refund all her money.

Obviously this sounded too good to be true, but what am I to do at this point. I had had to trust him.

The end of the day came without a fix so he arranged a motel, schedules an appointment at the Jeep dealer and refunded all the money. My daughter got up the next day and returned to Carter's to find her Jeep fixed. They had worked on the Jeep until 9:00 that night and found the problem. He told my daughter that he was afraid to send her to the dealership because they would probably replace more expensive parts and not find the real problem. He just wasn't going to let that happen!

I'm writing this letter to let you and the people in Nashville area know what a great person Jimmy Carter is. He is just the kind of person every father prays that will be there if a family member is in trouble.

Jimmy Carter is "SOLID GOLD" in our book and if you folks can pass this letter along to your members, customers, etc. I would appreciate it. He is a great example for everyone to follow.

Oh, and by the way, the final bill was $90.

The Clark family will never forget Mr. Jimmy Carter and Doug of Joelton TN.


Dale Clark


A Nice Thank You Note

From a Professional

From: Sutherland, Steven (MNPD)
Sent: Saturday, December 16, 2000 10:00PM
To: Fields, Billy (Taxi)
Subject: Great Service

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to commend the great service of one of Metro Nashville’s towing companies.  I worked a single car accident in the 5400 block of Whites Creek pike on 12-16-00 at approximately 0400 hours in the morning.  The vehicle ran off a bridge and landed in a creek bed 20 to 30 feet below.  The personnel of Carter’s towing service displayed a great deal of expertise while extricating the vehicle.  They went the extra lengths to ensure the task was handled in a timely and complete manner.  The response and professionalism displayed should be an example to tow companies throughout the county.


Officer Steven Sutherland
Metro Nashville Police Department
200 James Robertson Pkwy
Nashville, Tennessee

A True Believer

Carter's does an outstanding job of automobile maintenance and repair. From towing to repairs to regular maintenance, they have kept me going. With Carter's you can expect honest, efficient service. I have been a customer for years and plan to be for years to come.

Carter Harris - Joelton, Tennessee

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